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Reviews for "Squicide"

I shot the square.

Here's to Flash.

No one beats the 83457!

Pretty fun. Still haven't found all the secrets. Amazing how you took a barebones concept and fleshed it out like this.

medal guide, because i felt like it:

(premise: assume the blue square is a 10x10 square. each square is assigned a number from left to right, top to bottom, in this order; you can use the pointer to gauge where each square is, assuming the center is the size of one square)

squicide: shoot the square anywhere;
squissed: shoot anywhere else (don't hit the square);
squaircut: shoot 1, 2, 11 or 12;
squo-ren ishii: shoot 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18;
squerebral bore: shoot 9, 10, 19 or 20;
squinception: (squerebral bore), then shoot the brain that comes out before restarting;
squatever: shoot 21, 22, 31 or 32;
squats squore squike squit: (squatever), then shoot the square again anywhere before restarting;
squataracts: shoot 23, 24, 33 or 34;
squillottine: shoot 25;
squexecution: shoot 26;
squastigmatism: shoot 27, 28, 37 or 38;
sqrutal: shoot 29, 30, 39, 40, 49, 59, 60, 69, 70, 79 or 80;
squoughnut: shoot 35, 36, 44, 45, 46, 47, 54, 55, 56, (57), 64, 65, 66 or (67);
squircle: conditions unclear (you can get it by shooting between squares 57 and 67, but it's inconsistent and sometimes will result in (squoughnut) );
patience is a squirtue: (squoughnut), then wait for the heart to fall to the ground before restarting;
squart attack: (patience is a squirtue), then shoot the heart after it has fallen to the ground before restarting;
squeclipse: shoot 41, 42, 51 or 52;
squtilation: shoot 43 or 53;
squng lao: shoot 48, 58 or 68;
squeleton: shoot 50;
squll & crossbones: (squeleton), then shoot the skeletons's spine before restarting;
squandible claw: shoot 61, 62, 71 or 72;
squ're already dead: shoot 63;
squatality: shoot 73, 74, 83 or 84;
squasectomy: shoot 75, 76, 85 or 86;
piece of squake: shoot 77, 78, 87 or 88;
squrgeon: shoot 81, 82, 91 or 92;
square peg-leg: shoot 89, 90, 99 or 100;
sqevisceration: shoot 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98;

location based (some of these are particularly difficult to pin-point):

squartigo: shoot the floor right below the blue square, in the middle (squares 105 or 106);
squarshed: shoot the top of the screen, in the middle;
squrn victim: shoot the top of the screen, straight above squares 1 or 2 ( left of (squarshed) );
roadsquill: from the left side of the screen, shoot two squares below the middle line (from the line separating top and bottom sides, go all the way to the left and shoot the second square below it);
squffocation: from the bottom left corner, shoot the square that is 4x4 away from the corner (you can use the pointer to help finding the square; it has to touch both sides of the screen);
squarmageddon: (squffocation), then click anywhere on the screen before restarting;
squelton john: from the top right corner of the blue square (right side), shoot the 4th square on the right (place the pointer against the blue square from the right side, then move it up until the centre is lined up with the top row of the blue square);
squaricochet: shoot the square on the right side of the screen that is two squares below the blue square (starting from below the blue square ( see (squartigo) ), go down one square and all the way to the right side of the screen);
squoot squetish: from the top left corner, shoot the square that is 6 squares from the left, 7 squares from the top (placing the pointer on top of the blue square, move to the left until the pointer is away from the left side of the screen by two squares);

I exploded him :D

i read square so much im not even sure thats how its spelled anymore