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Reviews for "Squicide"

Pretty simple, but also fun if you just want to collect a bunch of medals. Pretty impressive that there are over three dozen medals to collect from the concept of just clicking a square.

It may be a bit much to ask when the concept itself didn't really try to be anything more complicated, but it would be nice if the game itself logged which endings you'd gotten, especially because clicking around wildly and rewatching the same animations can feel tedious. I also dislike that there are no textures, as it means there's really no landmark to figure out where to click for certain endings (I got the camera ending and haven't been able to replicate it since.)

Some additional logic also could have made this a bit less of a "try random shit" game and more of an actual puzzle game. Having certain things in the background or foreground would have allowed the player to reason out certain things that could be done.

Trying to discover all the medals is a fun challenge!

This is a cute little game, it's nothing too fancy, or complicated, but the wide array of medals is certainly a challenge, and trying to find all the different ways to shoot the square is pretty fun. I did find this to be oddly relaxing to play, and also a bit of fun, it's very charming.



its pretty good but theres not many thing you could do,unlike shooting the square but overall its pretty good

I'll admit this one is hard to get all medals, but still fun nonetheless.