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Reviews for "PPiR - Check Game"

More games, please!

Check game is cool, but there are many more.
Some of my favorites:
1. PLINKO: Let's put those chips to use.
2. 3 Strikes: Now a Luxury Car Game.
3. That's Too Much: Be sure to yell it!
4. Easy as 123: Play with blocks!
5. Fortune Hunter, Penny Ante: Retired games

Are you planning on some of these?

"...And he spikes the ball in the endzone!"

Mr. Anotado has scored again! This "Check Game" is just like the real thing.

'Nuff said (though I must add here that I ended up losing).

I'm out!

-- B.D.T.



Another game from my childhood.

You did it again!!! Like Press Your Luck I also grew up watching The Price is Right. Although Check Game is not one of my all time favorite games featured on the show. It was loads of fun. I still wonder who's going to succeed Bob Barker as host of the show. My guess is that it's going to be Todd Newton, who was the host of Whammy on GSN

One more thing: I would like to get to know you a little better, so if you would send me a private email by clicking on my NG Alias, that would be great.

More like this!!

By the way, when I played I won Ziljian Drum set complete with cymbals.


i love the price is right!!!!!!!

i love the price is right. i just wan't to be on it!!!