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Reviews for "PPiR - Check Game"

"...And he spikes the ball in the endzone!"

Mr. Anotado has scored again! This "Check Game" is just like the real thing.

'Nuff said (though I must add here that I ended up losing).

I'm out!

-- B.D.T.

the beginning of a trend?

pretty good, i think you should do more PiR games

More games, please!

Check game is cool, but there are many more.
Some of my favorites:
1. PLINKO: Let's put those chips to use.
2. 3 Strikes: Now a Luxury Car Game.
3. That's Too Much: Be sure to yell it!
4. Easy as 123: Play with blocks!
5. Fortune Hunter, Penny Ante: Retired games

Are you planning on some of these?

good job

Good work! I like it.

2 things.

1. To busted: Did You Count the cost of the games as well?

2. To You: DDRMAX + 10 dollars?? = win!? Caught me WAY off Guard.

Pretty cool :)

But that's bullshit, Gamecube was never $1 500 >=(