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Reviews for "Our Apartment Preview"

this is really fucking cool it's a little low but I blame that it is still in development and my computer might need to be cleaned but it is a awesome project and has come a long way from the couch like I said still needs a few things hammered out but 5 stars one more thing that you might want to consider is making it compatible with vr headsets

momoirosoft responds:

Most performance issues stem from the fact Unity WebGL is single core only, and if your browser has GPU acceleration enabled. Worst case I reccomend downloading from itch as desktop version is much more performant.

I've considered VR but thats very down the line XD

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ok, first of all I agree with the general opinion that this is fantastically well done. Specially for a early draft demo. Now on to the bugs there seems to be.

I too had issue with exiting out of the help menu. Also it seems that no matter what eye choice or angle, her eyes seem to always get flickers on them like there's a tv or something reflecting off of them. Also if you have the x-ray view on and it's just a penetration and hold scene instead of a motion shot - then their bodies wiggle around waiting for the next scene, but the x-ray penetration holds stationary which is a little disconcerting. That seems to be all that I've noticed, and besides the help menu exit is just nit-picking.

Very well done otherwise.

momoirosoft responds:

I'll add instruction for the help menu to the description, forgot I needed to do that.

The flickers are due to a lack of anti-aliasing which I've had some difficulty implementing properly.

Hm, I'll look at the x-ray issue, I dont remember it being too odd.

Glad you enjoyed it!

It's incredible how well your amazing 2D art has carried over into 3D, I'm just in awe of the amount of customization you've already managed to implement.

Speaking of customization, having a slider for the scale of the UI that rescales itself feels reALLY dangerous 😂

momoirosoft responds:

Thanks! Yeah my main goal visually was recreating and improving on my usual 2D work.

And i have a lot more customization planned, most of the current outfits were made quite a while ago over the period a month or two.

And yeah slider was a bit last minute, it will be worked on.

Piece of art. No doubt.

momoirosoft responds:

Appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed it!

I don't even care that much about the sex scenes, she's just extremely cute