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Reviews for "Our Apartment Preview"

next level gaming

momoirosoft responds:

Haha thanks!

Haven't reviewed yet... but 160 MB? i know games that large, but 160? That's outrageous in my opinion, for a browser game!

momoirosoft responds:

It's a easily 4GB uncompressed game thats normally compressed down to 600-900mb for PC, instead compressed further down to 160mb.

It's a lot of outfits!

In the future I plan to learn asset bundles so when I do releases like this the downloads are in smaller chunks at a time.

Ok, first of all I agree with the general opinion that this is fantastically well done. Specially for a early draft demo. Now on to the bugs there seems to be.

I too had issue with exiting out of the help menu. Also it seems that no matter what eye choice or angle, her eyes seem to always get flickers on them like there's a tv or something reflecting off of them. Also if you have the x-ray view on and it's just a penetration and hold scene instead of a motion shot - then their bodies wiggle around waiting for the next scene, but the x-ray penetration holds stationary which is a little disconcerting. That seems to be all that I've noticed, and besides the help menu exit is just nit-picking.

Very well done otherwise.

momoirosoft responds:

I'll add instruction for the help menu to the description, forgot I needed to do that.

The flickers are due to a lack of anti-aliasing which I've had some difficulty implementing properly.

Hm, I'll look at the x-ray issue, I dont remember it being too odd.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Simply mind blowing. If this is the starting point...I wish I had a time machine XD

momoirosoft responds:

Yeah dev can be slow DX

Glad you enjoyed it though!

It's wonderful that you have UI scaling options, but it needs work. it is horrendously difficult to get the slider where you actually want it, and with the slider changing size as well, there is acceleration to the chance, which is generally not great.

momoirosoft responds:

Yes thats fair, sorry about that, it was a bit of an after thought. I tried fixing it so it only applies the scale when the slider is released. But there's no native solution for that and I was running out of time (I desperately wanted to take a break). I promise this will be improved soon.