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Reviews for "Our Apartment Preview"

This game is breath taking when it comes out I will tell people to get it great work so far!

honestly so amazing, stoked for the full game

I can't wait for the final product keep up the good work

There are some collisions problems, where they pass over each other. But overall it is very well made.

Holy sh!t this is incredible. The graphics are outstanding, and the attention to detail (like different pieces of clothing being half-way taken off differently depending on the clothing) is high. The different facial expressions and eye control are really natural and give you free room to make great screenshots if you want. The interactive scenes are hot too of course, and the VO good when it's present. Even in this incomplete state it's 10/10 and would be worth spending money on. Can't wait for the full version.

It's weird how none of the bras are actually bras though, they're all onepiece bodysuits. I hope some actual bras get added. And some actual pants. There's even a toggle button for pants but as far as I can tell it doesn't do anything.
I think the stockings/leggings that are currently under the body category should be added to the sock category, as well as the black socks that she puts on when you pick some of the premade outfits.
One thing I'd like to see is some indication or warning if adding one piece of clothing will remove another, like how some tops remove the "bra" (bodysuit) but others don't, and some underwear remove the "bra" also.

Camera control is great if oversensitive, and a y-axis inversion would be great (so moving the mouse up makes the camera move down). Biggest problem with it is that I don't think there's a way to recenter your view, and since the toggle buttons are at the top-right then the camera can get way out of position.

The only real glitch I encountered was during one of the interactive sex scenes, the first-person view toggle made the camera clip through the bedframe and stare out through the wall.

also I'm really hoping @Vertice meant SANTA and not satan. lol

momoirosoft responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I add content in large batches, lets me focus on whats needed I added an outfit with a onepiece, so at the time it's easier to make variants of the one piece. I'll add bras soon, and when I do there will be a ton :P. Same issue with pants, part of the reason I didn't make pants yet is the "state of undress" feature is relatively new and before if i made pants they'd basically just be removed immediately so it wasn't a good use of time. So expect that in due time too.

Some socks are in the body category cause they function a bit different, socks in the body category can't be removed during a scene. Anything that affects the body model will be like this.

I'll maybe try adding the respective "layers" the clothing item has on the item button, that may help with determining what removes what. I don't know if I can do a warning effectively, but we'll see.

And yeah camera is due for a revamp.

Glad you enjoyed the game!