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Reviews for "SNEK: The Game"

In this game, you play as an adorbs snek! A good rendition of the classic snake-game genre, you won't want to miss this one. The addition of power ups and it's cute art style make it a fun and more unique homage to the classic.

eyyy this game is actally kinda good!

cant get past the start screen!

Aprime responds:


cute snek

Aprime responds:


Pretty cute simple toy, it's an interesting take on the classic Snake as you attempt to slow the progress to survive rather than aim at getting as large as possible. Of course, the problem with this premise is that this version of the game may never end, being designed as a ranked time trial, unlike the original title where there was a maximum length any player could achieve to end the playthrough (which was the well defined challenge that kept people playing it).

I cannot say I enjoyed the aesthetic very much. Mechanically, it stayed faithful to the classic nokia-3310 LED matrix, while the spritework for the snake/background/assets were very detailed; the choppy transition between each position on the grid contrasted a lot with the art direction to me. I feel there could have interpolated/animated transitions to make it look much more pleasing to look at.

I also did not understand why columns/lines of potions were classified as a single entity; probably to make picking them up easier. Maybe this could have been a different sprite that connected the flasks in some way. The way it is, the pickups seem independent, even though they aren't, and that's confusing design. As other reviewers pointed out, it's also hard to figure out what is going on at first, it took me a bit to really notice the potions reducing the size of the snake.

The Snake always seems to starts at the same position after the initial 3 second timer, with the first pickup never changing its location. This suggests that every time you start the game, you're in fact waiting 10 or so seconds before you can really start playing it. Randomizing it would be a good call, and a difficulty setting to increase the acceleration or even start the game at a higher speed would be much welcomed, I find.

Overall, it's still a funny experiment and even though I dislike time attack challenges it still got a laugh out of me. The music was a good choice, too.

Aprime responds:

At first I was going to reply to each of your points on why it was the way it was, but really, regardless of the reasons I did things this way, you're right - every single point you made.
I should get you to review everything I make, in fact, feel free to help yourself to my old work. Cheers,