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Reviews for "Steps"

Cute little game. It's tagged under "zelda," but it plays more like a metroidvania game, and of course has inspiration from the one-minute wonder Minit. After playing this, I would like to get Minit for myself now.

There isn't too much I'd want to spoil about this game and not a lot to explain that the game description already does, so I'm not going to explain how the game works. I will touch upon what prevents me from giving it a higher rating, though, and all of it is centered around the four collectable coins in the game. Some of the coins only give you one chance to get them, and if you mess it up, then you have to restart the game. Some are clear to an extent, but others are very, very cryptic. I thought I had a lead on a third coin, but the best I could do was turn up with only two of the four!

Simple but good.

amidos2006 responds:

thanks :)

I think you definitely accomplished your goal: to me, this felt like a very mini Minit that was a lot of fun! While it was a bit confusing at times due to the simple graphics (I thought the first item I got was the wings already when it was just, uh, scissors? haha) it was very fun and easy to experiment with each new item you got. Had some fun brain teasers, especially stuff like making sure you use the boots properly and don't fling yourself onto spikes. Definitely a great example of a short and sweet adventure!

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot :) glad you enjoyed it and managed to get the vibe of minit from it :)

Sorry about any confusion, I am happy you still were able to enjoy the game :)


It's ok... also when you load the game I'm pretty sure that a reference to Celeste.

PS: I won with 0 DEATHS IN ONLY 1:13

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks, glad you managed to finish the game :) about the start screen is the same for all pico8 games. Celeste Classic just happened to use pico8 for that. While the title screen with boat and storm is a reference to link's awakening.