Reviews for "MindFunked"

this song is amazing!

this song is so under-rated and i vote 5 on it everyday! that solo is so clean and perfect, you must be some kind of guitar god! and i used this in my game by the way (Hippie Pong 3) hope you don't mind.

PhoenixUL responds:

wow man what an honour. thank you. it's the only piece of mine used in a submission so far.
makes me feel great!

Nice stuff.

This reminded me of a lot of the backround music they had on Napoleon Dynamite. Overall, very generic, but that's not really bad. Sometimes the most simple things can keep you entertained, which this does. Keep up the good work.

btw good solo. :D

This is great.

Gotta love the Funk.

Also, Reminds me alot of one my fav. games, Toejam and Earl!

Nice solo too.

PhoenixUL responds:

OH EM Geez i never thought of that!! its true. thanks man!! you made my day