Reviews for "MindFunked"



FUCK me with a brrom and call me fido, that's some of the best phunk I ever heard.
Lovin' that solo.

Keep it comin' man.
I'm hooked now, be expectin' more works of grandeur.

Better than all funk here

In my opinion, this is the best funk song on this site. All the rest of these songs are just sone crappy remix of videogame crap, and have no good beat. But that, awesome, and I love how the solo comes in. I have known this song since it came onto newgrounds, and that little shred part still suprises me :)


yeah toejam and earl is wat i was thinking

Favorite Funk Song on NewGrounds

Have you ever played ToeJam and Earl? Anyways this song is one big achievement in keeping the funk alive. Jammin beats man.


Funk is the coolest genre of music, and I think you easily did it justice. The solo is sooo sweet and manages to fit perfectly in with the rest of the song (You need to send me the first lick off it, it's cool as! my email is mynamewontfitin@hotmail.co.uk)

Keep up the good work!