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Reviews for "Duncan & Jones 3"

i fucking died at the linux tattoo. pfffffft. every fucking joke lands a bullseye as expected with this series. animation is top notch shit. keep being radical.

Goddamn this one was fuckin awesome
Loved the cinematography and choreography in this one goddamn. Well worth the wait

Some real dad issues going on with these two dudes. XD And eeyyy Chutney cameo!

The fighting choreography felt pretty next level here, the random background details and overall wackiness always an entertaining factor too, but I do wish the voice volume was a bit more balanced, I be turning it up and down to match different characters to really catch all. Apart from that little detail, and maybe how even though it went full circle and ended in a conclusive way it didn't really ever build-up to the same level of a grand finale as with the earlier two (which I suppose is a bit of the idea, but still), it was a blast. Never a dull moment with these, tattoo monologue or no! So much soul in those credits too. Love that sketchy style as well.

Good stuff; can't wait for the next one!


absolutely amazing the voice acting was incredible, the plot was pretty simple and I think that's a really good thing, the animation was sick i give it five stars.

BRUH *diiiing*

i like how whacky this episode is, not that i didn't find any in the others but the ridiculousness seems to be more prominent here. this was pretty funny.