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Reviews for "Pyra's No Nut November Complete"

"You Can Now Play as Mythra."

Oh god... the THIGHS!!! And the Halo "Low Shields" SFX! FUCK IT'S FUNNY AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!

That poor/lucky boy is going to be wore out by New Years.

The halo low health really made it for me

Glad to see the extra effort from the sound effects and VA to the original set really paying off, it does add so much (yes even the Ed,Edd n' Eddy sfx). It definitely seemed like a massive undertaking, what with timing a bit after NNN, but we'll consider it instead an early Christmas present. Here's hoping the Mythra project gets as much love as the Pyra sound edition (tho yeah, it'd be understandable if that's a bit overwhelming)