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Reviews for "Facebook"


What a way to join. Really cool picture.

This would be a cool rock picture actually.

TheShadling responds:

Face-Book get it?!!


i still have to fall to the evil brainwashing and addictive facebook but so help me god when i do...WHEN I DOOO!!...................................ill make an update every five minutes and eventually end up running on soda pop and waffles for the next year. but! i still havent been caught up in all that facebook crap : )

TheShadling responds:

Haha IT is truly evil!

that is soo kool

luvs it

Great Picture

Haha facebook, book as a face. Yeah I point out the obvious. Lol. Great Picture though, darn you and being all artsy fartsy with everything. :D Hmmm if I were to make comments on the picture besides the fact that you're good at pictures, I'm wondering what exactly the guy is cutting with the axe and.... yeah that's my only question. Lol. Great picture though. :D

TheShadling responds:

Hes performing a satanic hayden ritual by sacrifising some victim to their god... :D Thanks for the ten again amy.


The Necronomicon is jealous :D