Reviews for "Facebook"

This is awesome, and true on so many levels.

Very awesome work, I love the shading on this one.

TheShadling responds:

HEy thanks alot dude! I like youre artwork btw!


I think i just ejaculated metaphorically, dude this is the coolest picture ive seen in a while, and sadly its true D:

TheShadling responds:

well thanks alot pal.

oh, you surrender too...

No one escapes from that evil program..
Your art is very symbolic, I love it.
Well, hope you find someone in facebook, I have found an uncle there o.o
Long life to freedom...if it really exists.

TheShadling responds:

Maybe Ill find someone I can put my dick into?


better than chuck norris
You should create a fan page on fb

TheShadling responds:


a Friend created it not me, I know it fucking stupid XD

heh this is pretty cool

I admire your art good sir!

TheShadling responds:

I appreciate it my good man.