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Reviews for "Facebook"


Friends are currently using peer pressure to get me to create a facebook account. If i ever let them win, do you authorize me to copy this image to put as my profile picture? Probably one of the coolest piece of art i've ever seen.

TheShadling responds:

Haha its already my profile picture but go ahead use it as you wish!


This make me want to eat a cheese sandwich.

TheShadling responds:

I love to promote eating!

ok but only one thing

the cross chain is upsaiddown stuped

TheShadling responds:

Yeah I know how stupid of me :D

not awesome but not bad

i like the shading and the blood


i still have to fall to the evil brainwashing and addictive facebook but so help me god when i do...WHEN I DOOO!!...................................ill make an update every five minutes and eventually end up running on soda pop and waffles for the next year. but! i still havent been caught up in all that facebook crap : )

TheShadling responds:

Haha IT is truly evil!