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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"

good game, to baby to complete tho.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

It's too easy for me but to hard for the average player </3

Basic programming and art are there, but there's no conceptually intuitive narrative, nor consistency in any framework. If extra jumps are determined by left and right clicks, it needs to shown in earlier levels. There needs to be a robust training, as this is a very new (if not innovative) concept.

Overall, the gameplay is annoying. Challenging is fine, but if you're going to introduce a mechanic, it must be robustly trained. Each level feels like a punishment with no reward: like being dropped into a meat grinder... not a fun one.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

The arrows suppose to show players that right and left is jump. You can't clear the first gap without knowing this.
I guess I can do some more easy training levels, dive deeper into explaining the mindset I need players to have to clear the levels.
I need to show them everything I know in order for them to gain mastery quickly.

About making the player feel rewarded I still gota think that one.

Could you just make it so you just press up/w again to jump in the air.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

You wouldn't be able to maneuver correctly. If I make the player double jump with UP you won't be able to decide LEFT or RIGHT the game would change. I would have to remove the Castlevania physics and the game would become extremely easy which was not my intention.

Very unique puzzle/platformer concept

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Glad you liked it!

Nice game, I've been trying Construct myself. Did you use some newgrounds plugin to incorporate newgrounds medals into your game?

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Yup, you can download them from Newgrounds and they are easy to incorporate.