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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"

a boshylike with unintuitive controls.
The doublejump is unique in how you use it, but it just failed to ever become intuitive to me. Frustrating not thru difficulty but "these controls are annoying" kinda way

the difficulty curve could also definitly need some polish, I suggest asking some playtesters how theyd order the levels in difficulty (you probaply already did that, haha)

EDIT: interesting nonetheless, an experiment to be learned from haha (also Im just bad at boshylikes)

HenrySanchezNG responds:

I get that allot. I tried defending the controls but in the end I think you guys are right

I enjoy the concept.

The only issue I have is the hitboxes for those cherry things are very small

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Cherry hitboxes match their object sprite.
The frog hitbox is actually bigger for the sole reason of making things easier to the player
16x16 to be exact
But I guess they need to be bigger

i like the game

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Thanks :d

Game is alright. I like challenging things. The controls are hard to understand. Also no options menu? To like turn down sound or something?

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Press M to mute and N to unmute (secret feature)

eh, kinda sloppy movements, could be better

HenrySanchezNG responds:

It's just Castlevania jump physics + arrows to jump to prevent players from maneuvering in the air.
I thought its easy now, I was afraid it would be too easy.
Guess I overestimated the average player's skill.