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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"

I find the cherry jump system to be a bit too inflexible for a platformer.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Next will be a super turbo mode ninja pirate with like a million moves and zero cool down for all abilities.

(I'm serious)

I like the idea behind it and I think its a pretty neat precision platformer, but it felt a bit too frustrating and unintuitive at times. Certainly game me flashbacks to games like Celeste with being able to replenish your jumps, and I enjoyed puzzling out the best way to go through a stage and then getting good enough to execute. However, it was a bit frustrating. With the controls, I'm not sure why you chose to make it so pressing left or right executes a jump instead of requiring to press up along while holding left or right: making it jump on just left or right means you can't fine tune your jump by wiggling around slightly because this can make you waste a cherry, which means that you have to be way too committed to your initial jump arc, making it a bit too unforgiving. Also, there were tons of times that I felt like I got a cherry but it didn't count: maybe make the hitboxes a bit more forgiving if it doesn't damage the puzzles. Having said that, I do want to go back and try this game again to get all the way through since it was quite fun: just a bit too overly challenging since it requires such precision. I can understand the design decision of making your character have to commit to a jump arc, like how Castlevania NES does it, but it might not go down well with most players since it just feels bad and unfair at times (most players prefer Super Castlevania SNES haha). Oh yeah, as another note, I wish there was something close to our player that could tell us how many jumps we have left: like a bar with segments or dots below the frog, or maybe Celeste style where our frog changes color to indiciate how many jumps we have, so it's easier to track.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

I get that frustration reaction allot, guess I have a high tolerance for these kind of games, I'm a getting over it fan after all hahaha. But I understand it's not everybody's cup of tea.
The control decision was to restrict the player, that was before the game was published and I had no idea about the average player's skill level. I made a rebalance patch after people sending me messages telling me if it was even possible to pass level 4. So I changed and added cherries to the entire game, guess that wasn't enough.

That jump indicator is a good idea, besides there was gonna be light trail so it could help the player visualize their trajectory.

The whole point of restricting the controls was to make it less about maneuvering and more about initial positioning and calculating trajectories. I thought people would figure things about but now I know that I could've made a better job in teaching the player how to play.

If a sequel ever exists MAYBE I will change the controls hahaha.
Edit: Just kidding, those controls have to go I will change them I promise :P
Thanks for the review

The cherrys aern't working for me

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Sad face :(

Some janky hitboxes, otherwise great game!

hold up. how is this still working flash is dead!

HenrySanchezNG responds:

It's HTML5 :D