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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"


I wish the button for jumping in the air after eating a cherry was up, it would be much more intuitive and allow the player to jump straight up which is convenient in some levels. I got used to it eventually, but it would still be a nice change.

I air jumps might be designed the way they are to make it so that changing direction in the air without air jumping is impossible, in which case I guess it would be kind disrespectful to your vision to tell you to remove it. But I would at least like to see that up also gives an air jump, as that would make the game more intuitive while respecting your orignial design goals.

Or I might be completely wrong, idk.

I also wish the hitboxes on the cherries were bigger. There were a lot of cases where I felt that I had just missed one, and I feel that if that change was made it would alleviate a lot of frustration.

Other than that, solid game.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

I decided to use the arrow keys for air jumps because in my mind it saved time for jumps, think of it like League of Legend's smart cast.
I thought that an extra button press would make the game even harder, that would be the case with the current game, changing that would make everything allot easier so I would have to change the levels too.

If a sequel ever exists I will make sure to fix everything the community has pointed out.
Thanks for the review :)

cool ok

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Yeh : D

I found a glitch in level 14!!!

HenrySanchezNG responds:

More content!

307 deaths.level 21.ooooooooooooooooooooo boy

EDIT±somehow found myself offscreen in the level.bruh

HenrySanchezNG responds:

I have no idea where did I harness this much glitch power