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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"

Really good game to make people mad!

HenrySanchezNG responds:

People can have fun while being mad :D

Fairly unintuitive. The idea of pressing up to jump but left and right to double jump goes against every platforming instinct I have.

am stuck on level 15 and I died over 140 times I can't feel my fingers send help
edit: thanks but I still can't feel my fingers but will try as soon as I can
another edit date tue dec 22: I finally was going to give it a shot but on level select it says am level what do I do deer god I'm going to have to die more than 140 huh

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Walk to the left until you fall down to the final row at the bottom, grab the key and start climbing up to the right and so on until you reach the top. Then when you get back up and get past the lock gate, position yourself in the middle of the first ice rectangle to the left and jump to the right from there, that will probably be enough so you can dive to the double cherry on the bottom, then all you have to do is climb back up to the portal. Hope it helps :)

Can you check the medals for the "less than ... deaths?" No-one has seemed to earn them, and they are listed as 0 points.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Sure. I will update once I'm done.

It took me 45 deaths to make it to level 5...but as really satisfying once I got it! I think the main point I was stuck on was I couldn't understand how to use the extra jumps I got. For level 4, I thought I was supposed to get the 2nd closest cherry to the ground, and I was confused why the 2nd jump wasn't working after I got the first cherry.

And I randomly discovered that that it only works if I change directly and then I passed that level almost immediately.

I think level 3 could do a better job introducing this mechanic. I still don't 100% get if my explanation above is correct.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

It's true, I didn't do a great job introducing the mechanic since I see allot of people having trouble navigating through it. Difficulty was way higher so I changed placements and added more cherry's.
Level 4 didn't have the cherry's bellow, those are suppose to be an alternate path.

The intended way to clear is jumping from right to left and you can easily make it through the top path. With the added cherry's I think it makes it even less obvious.
I'm gonna let the player know this because the game depends allot on your position during your first jump.

Very helpful review.