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Reviews for "Frog to the moon"

I like it. It reminds me of Enough Plumbers, though a bit more restrictive with movement.
edit: it seems that my deaths after finishing were kept when I pressed play again? This is solved by a refresh, but I still think it may be a bug.
edit2: I finished with no deaths, but my score didn't submit to the leaderboard. it looks like it hasn't submitted for any one else. this seems bugged too.
Also, upon reflection, it more reminds me of the game "Fly Guy" from earlier this year. If you haven't played it before, you might be interested.

HenrySanchezNG responds:

Sorry for all the bugs.
This was my first complete browser game and it took a little longer then what I would've wanted to.
Life got busy so I haven't had time to fix these issues but maybe in a future I will patch everything to make the ultimate build.

Level 19 felt like it needed pixel and frame perfect inputs (although I beat it eventually) unless I was doing something wrong.
I found a couple weird things with the level select menu, if you press z it resets the scrolling background to its initial position, and if you press r it reloads the menu. Also, after exiting after getting to level 19 from the start, the level select screen would permanently not let me go to level 19, but would let me go to other levels including later ones when I unlocked them.
Secret frog dance would have been even cooler if aligned with the music rhythm.
Great game though. Loved the ending. Frogs are cool.

@masterhand01: Note that a key also gives you a jump. So you can pick up the key and press right immediately.

the game seems fun, though mapping midair jump to left and right means you basically have to commit with the momentum of the starting jump, as istinctively trying to adjust midair will result in wasting extra jumps and your subsequent death.
you can get used to it after a while, but it would be nice if you could at least choose between different control schemes given there's an objective for clearing the entire game with no deaths (on that note, is the only way to reset your death count refreshing the page?)
having a button mapped to level reset that doesn't require to go through the menu every time would also be welcome.

edit: it may be worth considering giving each level its own separate death count for the purpose of the medal, and the total death count would be the total sum for each level (not sure how the leaderboard works, so can't tell how it would affect that).
i'm saying this because it would be very difficult to complete a full deathless run in one sitting, and it's currently possible to cheese the deathless medal by clearing the game, refreshing the page, then going to the last level via level select and clearing that alone with zero deaths.

adding separate death counts would ensure it's not possible to cheese the medals, as you would still need to clear every level with no deaths, while also making it more forgiving than having to go through the entire game in a single sitting

I legitimately have no idea what to do in level 13.
Grabbing the key to the right just kills me.
I found the invisible blocks to the left of where you start, and it's cool that you can use them to get over the death blocks to the left, but there's no way to not die once you've done that anyway.