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Reviews for "FilmBudds: Heaven, Hell and Back"

god the animation has improved a lot
i could def see the next episode getting frontpaged, odds are this one could get frontpaged, it has potential

the only thing i'd suggest fixing is the 1 on Noel's shirt, its backwards in some parts
nonetheless this is really good

all die fuck

DorfdeDoesStuff responds:

Big sad FilmBudds hours.

Nice, the animation has improved. I like how half of the gang ends up in hell, and the others end up in heaven and it switches between their perspectives.

The voice acting could be better for Noel and Tony where they sound less robotic but everyone did a pretty neat job.

Jokes were funny as well, Dorfde did a great job writing this.

Also the last part with Ian is nice since it's foreshadowing for future episodes and brings up questions such as "WOah what is he doing? what is PROJECT B?"

Nice stuff.

vry nice animation

yes :D