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Reviews for "FilmBudds: Heaven, Hell and Back"

Amazing. The voice-acting and animation has gotten waaaaayyyy better over the past few episodes. Great job, and I wish you guys good luck on the next episode. For sure my favorite by far.

I really don't see what qualms "certain" people have about this series, like Octo said, its pretty original, with its own jokes and stuff to stand up on it's own. This series has come a long way, and I'd love to see it grow to even greater heights. Had a fun time helping out with the voices, and acquainting my self with the community.
-Regards, Pyro

holy shit this is cool

Not bad at all. I know SOME people that talk about how they really don't like this series, and frankly I'm not sure what they're talking about. Although this is obviously very inspired by Eddsworld, you've got enough of your own style and comedy to stand as an homage instead of plagiarism. keep doin your thing.

Decent Cartoon though some of the voice acting could use some work. I got a little bit lost with the plot but the animation is pretty great!