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Reviews for "Siblings"

Congratulations on 2nd place ( you honestly deserved 1st ).
I really like the style, the characters and the writing of the animation/ episode it sorta reminds of doreamon and I really like the backgrounds too. The writing was a bit basic tho but good enough to not argue with I'm just saying it could use bit more humor but that's just my subjective critique.

It isn't very often that I come by a short cartoon that makes me invested in multiple characters. Love this a lot and looking forward to more. Only thing was the anime scene, it took me out of the characters struggle and made it difficult to jump back in. That being said, the Anime scene was spectacularly animated. I guess you can say it's a double edged sword. I digress, 5 stars for a job very well done!

Nice! Great Visuals and Voice-Acting!

Let me get to the point.
The animation is snappy.
And the visual humour in some parts is great. The humour is snappy like the animation, but the pacing is a bit off. I love the plot of it too! The voice actors are amazing and bring it together. The only things I have to complain about is...well..not much..just some of the pacing is a little off. Overall, I'm giving five stars cuz, I feel generous and actually find this short original, and cute, and funny. Also, what noel said, isn't to true, the writing isn't "basic" ..(I mean, look at his cartoons, basic shit right there)

well u can transform that D into an A if u really try :D