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Reviews for "Don't Eat My Mind You Stupid Monsters!"

want to love it but i cant jump, make a better tutorial

There's not many games where I can say that I've never seen this done before and I'm happy to say this is one of the most interesting concepts for a game I've every played. I'm also a fan of the somewhat creepy undertones of the game that contrast with the tongue and cheek nature of the game.

This wa really interesting and stressful at the same time, is like playing tetris, it becomes harder and harder each level until you cant do basicallly anything to preven your impending doom.
i know its part of the game, but the base speed is a little hard to get used to, but the jump button helps travel a lot faster so thats a good thing in order to complete the levels, also, the hit of the sword feels super weird at times, i knew i was aiming for theenmy, but my qsword did this thing where it hitted the opposite direction and only 1 or 2 hits would actually land.
i really like the joke in the name Re-minders, thats a good one, but they appear so little, maybe when you are running out of spàce one or 2 more could spawn to give you a chance to stand your ground better, or they could move through the screen, making it more difficult to catch when there are enemies abroad but more easy when the thing is at the other side of the screen without any platforms to cross for it.
those are my 2 main issues, when you lose rythm you are already dead before you can say anything, but its definetly super fun to play notheless, the minimalistic aesthetic really gives this aura of strange dreams and mental collapse, the sounds are a good cue to when you are hitting or what is hapening around you, they never become annoying, the music also furthers this vibe of nightmareish landscapes and the pastel apellete is my fav, i love it.
great game, really great

Pretty fun and fast-paced action game! Was really tough at first, and a little confusing to grasp (for example, I thought the glowy enemies were powerups at first) but it did feel like the game was something you could get skilled at more and more but jumping around and slashing more effectively, so it felt nice. Cool art style and concept as well. Downsides were that the game felt a bit repetitive at times (only two enemy types from what I could tell with no real goal or ending), my hand was hurting from having to click so much to kill the spongy enemies, and I felt like I had a lot of cheap deaths from breakdowns happening so quickly right under my feet where you can't see them or my jumps being just a pixel off a tile.

a really good game