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Reviews for "Color Cube"

i really like the idea of this game.

In this kinds of games you usually only need to use 1 path to complete all and that it, this game however requires to make different routes in order to complete everyhing, and i really cant help but love this idea, never before i needed to think in thi way, its super cool, specially when you need to fill all the space or use multiple cubes, its different and refreshing, really cool concept

the controls are the worst

Augh, I'm so bad at these games, but I'll try and not let that influence my review, haha! Had a good time playing it, was put together pretty well and offered some neat puzzles that slowly built up the complexity to let the player grasp the essentials. While the game is fine, I will say that the HUD graphics are pretty drab and dull and kind of pull the game down, at least for me: plain text with no outlines or style, and a victory message that has no fanfare or even capitalization! Could stand to be polished up a bit so it enhances the solid gameplay. Keyboard controls were a little confusing because of the titled perspective, so I ended up using the touch controls on screen since they helped, so that was nice.

Irritating on the later levels. I'd recommend using an Apple plug base for your phone to model the stamp on later levels to work backwards.