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Reviews for "Color Cube"

good but i not can pass of the 2 phase :(

This game pisses me off, but i cant stop playing

good time

OH MY GOD I WAS PLAYING THIS FOR 2 HOURS AND IT WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL GAME I PLAYED, anyways, its really nice, you need to think good on your moves, good game :)

You can't please everyone, but Thony-Hedgehog is correct, at least how isometric games have historically done it. I can't think of an oldschool isometric game which doesn't do it that way. That is, up should be up-right rather than up-left, and so on for the other controls.

It's a good thing you included diagonal control, which is a nice touch, and what I ended up using. Another option would be to allow the user to select between a clockwise or a counter-clockwise shift as an option, so they could choose what suits them best.

Of course, on isometric games where you don't move exclusively by the diagonals, there is no issue. Marble Madness 90 degrees, up down left right and diagonals go where you would expect. Marble Madness 45 degrees, indeed up is up-right, right is down-right and so on. As if you grabbed that NES controller and pulled the buttons toward you, rather than pulling the D-pad toward you.

Gamewise, a bit challenging and a bit annoying at parts, but to be expected from these puzzle sorts of games. Took a bit to realize you could get a stamp that you stamped things with, and also an eraser and goal was to stamp everything.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks. Yes thats good idea, my next isometric game will have a clockwise/counter-clockwise shift as an option.