Reviews for "ColBreakz - 30.000"

I have literally no words.
30.000/5 8)

OK, I didn't expect this song at all but dang it overpasses 20,000 by alot. Also I kinda thought it would be 25,000 next but 30,000. No problem with that, though. Well the overall melody in it was noice. And the fact that it feels like it has elements from 20,000 and 10,000 which is... holy crap. 20,000+10,000= this amazing song. Dang I can't believed that popped up in my head so randomly. Well I hope you make some more great songs because it seems like you'll never stop being good.


Aww yeah. i feel like in the intro, you bitcrushed some stuff a bit much, but after that, in the intro drop thing, you are always good at making stuff even that isn't the drop, sound really hardcore like a drop.

This song is a perfect example of what we should hear more of. i think the intro lasts a bit long, but the mastery is nice, and the build up imo has a bit too many bass screeches, and it's actually hard to tell where the drop is, until about 2:45 in. i'm estimating because NG took out the timer :( i love this song though, and i like the FX and stuff you added to the graphics on YT.

The arps in the intro and outro remind me of something, but i can't quite put my finger on it... don't you hate when that happens?

Anyway, keep this up, and you'll have millions of subs and fans in no time! Just, keep doing what you're doing Antonio!

-DJRC :3

<3 Luv Dis

Tbh, this is better than all your 00.00s but if we collabs one though, we will succed