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Reviews for "Codeine Cowboys [v2]"

The gun goes through the walls and you can shoot past them LOL

MoeAnguish responds:

I actually kept that in as a little easter egg to Hotline Miami 1's older builds, lol.

This is pretty fantastic.

However TWo minor qualms that make it more of a chore to play than it should be:
1. It is possible to pick up empty guns. Why? In HM1, you could do this so you could throw guns at enemies but that's not the focus/case anymore. More than once I tried to grab a gun from a guy I punched and tried to pick it up only to end up grabbing my own empty gun and getting shot.
2. Don't know what's up with this but occasionally I seem to get caught on corners I feel I shouldn't which does break down the pace of the game. I think only once or twice was i killed from this but it didn't feel good regardless.

Outside of that? Great freaking job! This doesn't feel entirely like HM or pac-man or anything else I can think of. It has aspects that are close but it works.

MoeAnguish responds:

That's fair. these issues will be handled soon. and thanks for playing and for the kind words!

I like this mash-up!

MoeAnguish responds:

Thank you!

A nice homage to Hotline Miami and Pacman, great art style music fits with the visuals, besides minor wall bugs pretty stable. If you implement a difficulty option maybe have Juggernauts spawn at a set threshold or enemy colour indicate needed hit points to kill.

MoeAnguish responds:

That's a good idea, actually. i'll see if i'll continue working on this or end updates if this project gets enough support. thanks for the review!

This is a Gamer moment

MoeAnguish responds:

Only REAL gamers can relate