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Reviews for "Codeine Cowboys [v2]"

if you like hotline miami then you would prolly like this... ill give it a 4/5

MoeAnguish responds:



MoeAnguish responds:

You're nice!

My game is bugging, the enemies are not spawning and I just stay on the stage walking alone.

MoeAnguish responds:

Try restarting the game, this should help.

I am surprised by less cynical people not giving you critique, because oh boy do you need some negative feedback.

Hitboxes are awful, which for the game about precision and quick death is inexcusable, everything feels really sluggish and unresponsive, and being stuck in a wall then punching is not that good. That nicely covers the overall controls and game feel too, it doesn't seem as responsive or deep as the original even by a long shot.

More on game feel, your game both lacks much needed polish, and informational tips.
Example, running out of bullets is always a sudden shock, and gets you killed, maybe screen should shake or borders turn red, because in the pandemonium of fast-paced combat it is hard to keep track of a tiny number

Picking up weapons is unresponsive, and they don't stand out among the bodies, which makes deaths due to "Oh shit there is suddenly no weapon" that more annoying.

Visual style overall is kinda of a mesh, nothing really stands out because of your use of oversaturated pallets, which are in my humble opinion are not "aesthetic" done right, and more so colorful vomiting without darker colors.

Hopefully you listen to me and try and improve, I am stunned nobody critize the game as harshly.

MoeAnguish responds:

You're right on several things (hit boxes and such) but most of what you said has more to do with personal taste (The colors, what should happen when you run out of bullets, etc) than how bad my game is objectively, so i'm gonna have to say; k dude.

The gun goes through the walls and you can shoot past them LOL

MoeAnguish responds:

I actually kept that in as a little easter egg to Hotline Miami 1's older builds, lol.