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Reviews for "Purp & Pink"

love it but mate, you got ya collors switched up

MonztrBox responds:

lol, purple is my favorite color too

Awesome game! It's simple but fun! Just how I like it. Good work!

the background is purp

Very nice for a first game. The rainbow paint was a nice reward, mixing with the gameplay, although I do agree new clothes aren't better than eating cake. What I'd say to improve on in the future is that the maps were small and tight to move around.

You should make more use of space: if you don't want to make the screen scroll, then make the characters smaller and explore the screen size more. It gives the player more freedom of movement and enjoyment, and you get more places to put obstacles- don't be afraid of dificulty, most of the game here felt like the tutorial, and it ended just when things were heating up.

MonztrBox responds:

Thanks for the criticism, I'll take that into consideration whenever I choose to create a new version.

pretty good