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Reviews for "High Stakes"

Good game, unfortunately there's a problem with the achievements, I completed the game three times in a row without dying but I only received "Rent is due" and "Doubled Down"

Edit: It's fixed, I got them all!

Krystman responds:

Try reloading the page. Achievements should unlock at the skull screen. Contact me if they don't.

its so good , i like the soundtrack, the sprites , the mecanics, everything!

Great game! The luck to it is a pain in the rear end, but that's an issue with the randomness aspect, not the game design. All around this is a great concept fleshed out really well.

One of the best games i've played in Newgrounds so far. I played your other games, i love all of them. You have good ideas and execute them magistraly. You have potential. Please, post more games. If you launch any game in Steam, i buy him instantly.
Oh, i was seeing your videos on YouTube. I'll try to make some games too. Just for me and friends, but i'll try. Thanks for inspiring me.

The adrenaline rush when you nail the vampire. I love the graphic and sound design. It's great.