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Reviews for "High Stakes"

boy oh boy did I find this game fun but making me want to curse my screen out if only It were blackjack I would've been good at this game.

was confusing, but now I got the hang of it

Reloading the game to unlock a medal (Doubled Down) caused me to lose my progress, and did not unlock the medal. It wasn't a big deal for me because I hadn't progressed very far in the game yet, but this could be a significant issue if I had more progress. Otherwise, I think this is an amazing game.
Edit: I beat the game, didn't get the medal, and then, despite my own warning above, I proceeded to reload the page to see if I would be awarded the medal. I lost my streak. No matter though, I still had a lot of fun.

Krystman responds:

Sorry to hear about the save games. This is most likely related to something on your side. Maybe some kind of adblocker or cookie setting in your browser preventing Pico-8 to save the progress.

Very interesting

It took me a week to beat, but at least now I know that I should never step foot inside a casino.