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Reviews for "High Stakes"

Is there any strategy to this? Because I'm not seeing any -- game seems to be entirely luck.

You could have a "safe" 3+ that ends up being the vampire. Meanwhile, you could have a 50% chance with a 9+ that you may as well take by staking it, but still 50% chance you'll lose that.

Only thing I try to do is take "risky" guesses early on, where the penalty is less, but still.

You can sometimes confirm with 100% what the vampire is, but most times you cannot.

really fun, there's nothing else to say it's just great

I need an app of this game, i would play every days

Very addicting lol, every time I'm bored and don't have anything to do I open up this game

Good job :))

Great card game, kind of like Blackjack in unpredictability. Get's kind of repetitive though, it would be great if more features were added.