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Reviews for "High Stakes"

I love how simple this game is, the basic strategy behind it is, the music, and the design. Combines to make it addictive.

That being said, pretty sure the game moves cards when using the radar, since it would without failure put it on the biggest group of non-revealed cards, and never ONCE landed on a card by itself outside an already available group. That's pretty lame, even if I get why it would have made it too easy at times.

the art is really good, the music is good, but the game is kinda like minesweeper in the sense that it becomes not fun when you repeatedly lose only because the game put a mine on the very first tile you picked.
i get that it's gambling inspired and gambling isn't fair but that stil keeps it back from a perfect score.

very nice game, too bad you can't play it irl

I love this game! From the little things like how the tokens move when you use the stake to the art direction and the thoughtful design, it was a pleasure to play through. My only complaint is that it feels kind of cheap when the first card or two you flip over is a vampire and you had no way to tell - but that's vampires for you.

I loved how you flipped the cards! Okay, that's not much of a compliment, but it's something! I'm just not into card games. I'd have to practice a lot. It's hard to be that interested in something you're not that good at. The title's quite nice.

I've never even played "Yu-Gi-Oh". This is still a nice concept. Too bad there's so few Thanksgiving games out there. I like the music too. It's certainly creative.