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Reviews for "High Stakes"

Lets start with the good. I like the premise and the the music is suitable. I also like that between matches the pattern on the back of the cards changes. Its a very nice little touch. The graphics are simple but intuitive. This is not a game that requires epic levels of visual splendor to tell its story and you did well with the tools you selected.

It was said by others that a tutorial at the start to understand the core mechanics would have been helpful. This is me seconding that notion.

Once I figured out that the best path to success is many little, incremental victories rather than the singly sweeping success it made things more palatable. Personally, I think there should be an achievement for winning a match without winning a round in the match.

. . .

so there is this one little thing that bothers me. I can't help but feel that its not a 'fair play' game. In other words I feel that the game is changing the values of the face down cards after they've been dealt, especially against the higher stakes opponents. Like the game won't determine the value of a given card until it has to (either by flipping it or a hint being used) Given the context, I can accept it; Evil Vampires will be Evil Vampires after all. I also would not object if the placement were not randomized. Again, Evil Vampire's gonna Evil Vampire. The notion, which I could not shake, took the edge of the entertainment and added a little frustration to my play. Personally I would feel better if the game flipped up all the cards once you passed just so you knew.

Bottom line: A solid but simple game with solid but simple mechanics executed fairly well,

Krystman responds:

I can assure you all cards and even the numbers of the + tokens are generated at the beginning of each round. But I like that you are suspicious.

It would be even cooler if you do the same on phones! I really like your game, please don't stop doing good games.

Hmm, at it's heart I think it's a pretty cool game. The concept and aesthetic are very cool and delivered nicely with the presentation and graphics. The very act of flipping cards and such actually feels good due to the nice interactions and animations. The onboarding process was horrific though: I know it's a game rigged by vampires, so it makes sense they're trying to trap you, but still, a tutorial or more tips would help. It does give you some tips by hovering over things, which was very nice, but the basic rules weren't explained at all. I was kind of able to eventually piece together that it's a minesweeper type game, but that was after loads of initial frustration and confusion, and I still don't feel like I fully understand how it works. I understand the instructions are in the description, but I feel like the game should be a bit more intuitive and explain in-game, especially since there are a lot of mechanics, like pass, which you can totally miss out on. Still, very well put-together nonetheless.

tl;dr vampire poker

hmmmm i don't have blood