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Reviews for "Zelda Hero High (Ep 1) - Major-A's Mask"

Hi! I really enjoyed your animation. The art and frame-transitions were spectacular, though the choice of vocal lines and the delay in speech at points (including the stage performance being slightly too lengthy) were noticeable, in my personal opinion. The main and side characters introduced so far were likable, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the plot progresses. Thank you for your submission!

I would die for lincoln.

holy hell this has got to be one of the best legend of Zelda animations i have seen in quite a while if you ever need help with voice auditions for characters contact me not to mention if you need some Zelda game references i can give some to you if need be but for the most part keep it up for the continuation of this series also who exactly is portraying Zelda they sound really familiar. wait barbra wtf how in the world.

Ok, this was entertaining.. =^_*=
Hopefully you'll include mah midget short-stack Midna next please.

Hey, listen! Beautiful animation, great musical score, and Zelda lore is poured adoringly into each scene. Clearly, the team's artistry and love of TLoZ shines through, in details big and small.