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Reviews for "Retail Sim 2020"

I am so confused that I want to save this till I can understand it...

Hell is hell, looping of the audio does more to reinforce the misery than the scene. Extra star for... documenting retail hell, and still being sentient enough to put this together. If you got room for an extra tag, 'loop'.. if not, next time eh?

As a sec of the interior once said to my ancestors, 'endeavor to persevere'

Don't worry, dude! They give you hand sanitizer! That fixes everything, right? So what the last customer hacked up a lung and left some juicy flakes sprinkled everywhere? All you need is some hand sanitizer and a can do attitude! What's that? The hand san ran out ten customers ago? Woah now! That doesn't sound like the tenacious spirit of an essential employee to me. You just keep that chin up, a smile on your face and everything will work out fine! I'm sure.

For real though, I hope you're able to stay in good health. Good luck out there.

KGBlagden responds:

The best thing about the mask is I don't have to pretend to smile