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Reviews for "Deck Adventurers - Chapter 1"

It has alot of potential just a little confusing at the start but so far its ok.

A very nice start. The super short story line and lack of side quests/leveling up some is a detractor, as it makes it a very steep learning curve, without any way to really progress near the end of the current build.

This is slay the spire.

Decent game. I think I'd prefer if it had a bit more balance. It seems impossible to get through the later levels without grinding some death bonus damage. I also rerolled my deck almost every level, because the unpredictability of which upgrades get offered makes it hard to get a deck that's versatile. Overall a well-polished card game/RPG otherwise. I can see why it might make sense with a shorter game to scale the difficulty to get more out of it. I hope we'll have more available to us to counter some of their cool skills. I'm excited for future installments and I'll be interested to see the wizard's challenges since we didn't play him much.