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Reviews for "Deck Adventurers - Chapter 1"

Running this on chrome 86.0.4240.198 and the game crashes on the loading screen over an overflow of the call stack on the part of UnityLoader.js. This may be out of your hands, and I suggest either filing a bug report with the vendor who provides UnityLoader or optimizing your game to try to mitigate this issue. Since NewGrounds will not let me post a review without a score (I still maintain after all these years that NG needs a comment section for non-reviews), I voted the median, i.e. 2.5. The score does not reflect my opinion of this game, as I am unable to play it.

Enjoyed my time with this! I liked the feeling of progression as you both slowly work your way up the map and how you walk through a level over the corpses of those you defeat, challenges escalated bit-by-bit along the way. Was impressed at the intuitiveness of the combat: I only suffered some minor confusion with one of the defense sharing goblins, while for the most part had a great time since everything was so easy to read and click on for further info. Combat was a bit slow for my tastes at times: sometimes I would find myself trying to grab a card but having to wait for the deck to shuffle everything in, and sometimes I wish I could somehow speed up the animations, but it was all good. But it felt like a good adventure nonetheless.

fun game

Really good, but not my type of game

Great game