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Reviews for "Deck Adventurers - Chapter 1"

A very nice start. The super short story line and lack of side quests/leveling up some is a detractor, as it makes it a very steep learning curve, without any way to really progress near the end of the current build.

yeah, great game ! good 8-bit graphics, good mechanics, smart.
Can someone give a cookie to this man ?

It has alot of potential just a little confusing at the start but so far its ok.

gg I like ur game, i'ts a nice idea but maybe another soundtrack would fill better, you can contact me for that.

Really up my alley. I love the thought to the balance of the game. For just the first chapter, the challenge ramped up pretty fast. Could probably slow it down for the final game. One thing you could do would be to allow the player which card to discard if necessary, or allow them to pin one (and only one) so it can't be discarded. Just a way to overcome the randomness of the deck drawing.