Reviews for "The Birth of a New Savior!"


This is one of the best.....you already know.
I can't beilieve no one has found this yet, I was listenin' to ur other song, Fuckin' Groove waaay before any one found it,hope they find this one, it deserves to be a gold if not a platinum.


Your guitar riffs remind me of dbz if the creators of the show listened to these songs they would play every song on the episodes or something like that. Rock on metal god!!!!!!!


this song can make an AWESOME fighting scene. and it will. ;D

simply I love it

good song, great use of all sounds. Sounds like something that should be in bleach.
korushic ichgos theme song should be this.

i knew in 5 seconds i'd love it

respect man
love the song...especially the bass line