Reviews for "The Birth of a New Savior!"

Holy piss

You motherfucker. Everytime you put this song out, it steps it up another notch. Like I thought it was possible. Your playing is so clean and crisp. YOu probably played this about 500 times by now. Still has that really wicked "BIG" sound. Great job man, you gotta get some vox on this, for sure.

Your tone is ... fuck you... hahahaha...

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for The Birth of a New Savior!, keeping its score at 5.00. \m/

Xenogenocide responds:

hehe thanks mate ;D

I guess I finally found how to use this piece of shit pedal lol...

I'm in love with the vocals on Bigger than the devil. If you want to, I'll send you the wav file for this song and i'll let you write some lyrics and put some of those mother fuckin killer vocals over it. Howz about that? :D