Reviews for "The Birth of a New Savior!"


I Loved This! I Was Literally Headbanging In My Seat! Like The Guy Below Me Said This Is Perfect For A Fight! Im Gonna Make A Animation Just For This Song!!

Rock on Xeno!

I'd use this in either a fast-paced racing or fighting game. "Respect."


This is one of the best.....you already know.
I can't beilieve no one has found this yet, I was listenin' to ur other song, Fuckin' Groove waaay before any one found it,hope they find this one, it deserves to be a gold if not a platinum.


OMG cant wait to put that in my movie
this song rules nothing too loud which is awesome great for like a japan kinda fighting movie or sumthin


THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE HUNT IS ON, SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this song so much nice fastness to it and i gave it a 5 woots fur u muthafucka