hells yeah!

a hand drawn piece on the front page. I have had enough of this cg bullshit.

dommi-fresh responds:

quite a few of my stuff has been front paged and pretty much all my stuff is hand drawn matey!

pretty cool

but i think the pic would've been better if it werent based on newgrounds.

dommi-fresh responds:

say whaaat?! don't be knocking newgrounds!!!

Good job!

I like it. Both the tankmen and the environment looks great. The colors are very well done! And I love the fact that population actually improved from 12 to 13

dommi-fresh responds:

glad you like the lil detail there buddy!


this gave me a major hard on, good job brah and it seems you finely made an attempt on scenery so props on that

dommi-fresh responds:

yea scenary is not usually my forte but i did it anyway and i am pretty pleased with it

Awsome pic

I liked the no color doea, and the redisgn of the tankmen. The skelteon was the best part I think tho. I actually set this as my new background for my desktop

dommi-fresh responds:

thats what its there for....
you may be interested to know that skeleton was the starting point for the whole image and i got the idea from the film lord of war (one of the few decent nicolas cage movies) see if you can find the bit i used!