oh god

I love tank men, and your art. Together, its, AMAZING!!!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

wicked cool


I like the colors you used and the realistic twist of Tankmen. Looks amazing.

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks fluffy


Awesome picture. In keeping with the whole NG theme, and yet original with your own sense of style added to it.
Hope to see more of the same, keep up the good work

dommi-fresh responds:

cool although this is not my first ng themed piece

I feel welcomed

A very well done picture, I can tell you put a good amount of work into it. Looks like the skeleton was an officer (just looks like officer rank insignia) and for some reason the whole thing reminds me of Killzone.

dommi-fresh responds:

also the markings on its skull are T.F for Tom Fulp

you are my favourite

i like all your artworks
and this one is great too ...
and it will be an awesome desktop wallpaper

dommi-fresh responds:

and i like you too