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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


good animation but this doesnt deserve the spot it has... and must say neither does rockman neo. sorry... good animation doesnt make up forum... nothing? this is just a classic example of nepotism's little cousin, favortism. People go crazy over the pretty pictures in rockman neo, which i remember being told werent even his... o think... and instantly love everything else he creates. Come on... this cartoon is pretty but it isnt THAT good. thres plenty of better cartoons.

no offence but i thought it was dumb

I didnt like it?

Too simple...

It is the only one from Andrew I do not like.
You said "simple plot and even simpler character"... well okay but too simple kills the note I give to this review ! Divide my overall by 2 and you get how much I voted for this one.
Sorry, but this sucks.

The art was good...

the only thing i liked was the art, i already saw the whole thing by the time the fish pushed the button, and i didn't find it that funny, it would have been better if we see gordie get shocked, and plop out all burnt and mutalated, or maybe even become a moronic super electro powered fish thing

dont waist ur time here

no point here what so ever