Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


not really funny at all. Simple and well animated tho, nice and short, not drawn out. I like the background sound, but still it wasn't enough to even make me chortle. Nice try man, but watch some good ole fashioned cartoons like looney toons or something for more inspiration if you're lookin for slapstick.

so simple yet funny

its funny cause the simples things that make ya laugh on this 1.. you would never expect it tilll the end :P
it reminded me of ren and stimpy almost

You stupid eejit!!

In reply to Singa who said "it reminded me of ren and stimy almost":
ren and stimpy is funny, nothing like this.

Hey good animation though =-)

Pretty good...

but i didn't like the plot of it, a fish trying to watch t.v. and then dies?

no offence but i thought it was dumb

I didnt like it?