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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

Great animation stupid character

Oh please i stopped watching disney and warner bros movies when i was 10 the fun of newgrounds is you can make it a little bit more "adult fit" not that im a adult but this was even too kiddy for me!

Not bad

Great, smooth animation. Backgrounds & the whole feel of it is reminiscient of Ren & Stimpy to me.

A nice animation, but hardly top 50 material

Short and simple, but not laugh-out-loud funny. The style was good, however, and it was worth the short load time.
The flashing text in the preloader needs to go, and a play button at the end of the loader always helps.

Not bad. :) Was very goofy. Reminded me of Mr. Bean.


Sounds were all in synq which is nice to hear, it was well animated, you didnt try to do excellent graphics and then screw it up, and they were all the same kind of graphics, it just didnt do anything for me